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Handheld probe

Handheld probes check food temperature and send readings to either a networked computer or to a dedicated website and provide alerts to you by email, text or on-screen warnings.

Bluetooth device

Testing is sent to bluetooth enabled device and synced to our servers.

24h cloud access

Information is stored on our servers for up to five years, and is accessible through your unique web page.

Head office

We provide continuous monitoring and alerts. You can access all your temperature readings from your office.




EagleEyePro App

Download the App to your smartphone or tablet. It works with iOS and Android devices.

Pair with a

Bluetooth Probe

Use a variety of probes to take internal or topical temperature readings including grill stations.

Record Temps & Take Corrective Actions

Temperature Readings are instantly sent to the app and stored on the cloud.

Information at Your Fingertips

You can run reports by date range, food type, employee, and more! Create reports in a couple clicks, especially when the health inspector walks in.



Quality Checks

  • Tasting & Testing Checks
  • Restroom Checks
  • Inspections of All Kinds
  • You Can Take Pictures From The App To Record & Document

Vendor Checks

  • Temp Incoming Deliveries
  • Reject Any Food That Is Not Within The Desired Temp Range
  • There is a time stamp to ensure on-time deliveries